Saturday, 20 June 2015


Time heals and eventually you will be an even better version of the person you were 6 months ago. Strength gives you the power to excel at the toughest times life can throw at you and you have strength that I would wish for.....

I love you Mum

Tuesday, 17 February 2015


It has become apparent to me over the last couple of years how important your inner health is. I feel that the media and some celebrities are making good progress on showing and exploring the importance of healthy eating and exercise. 

We still have the occasionally backlash of fad diets and drastic weight loss publicised in a positive way when they are by no means positive for your body and mind long term, however overall I think people are quickly learning the importance of looking after our bodies.  

This leads me to my constant struggle with eating the correct way for my health (cfs/me & underactive thyroid) and weight  and trying to stay focused for the long term. 

The importance is to remember you are allowed set backs and when falling off course and indulging to much to take the time to re focus and remember where you want your mind and body to be in years to come. I know for sure as my 29th eagerly approaches that by my 30th I want to feel the healthiest I have been in a long time and look forward to a happy bright future. 

Love your body, relax, exercise for fun, de-stress, have lots of cuddles, spend quality time with your family & friends and cherish the moments people can take for granted and remember you are what you eat. 
In the words of the Buddha ..........
"what you think you become" 


Love Lucy 

Tuesday, 9 December 2014


Christmas is coming and my wish list is certainly getting fat!!

Over at Best Days Vintage you will find yourself some lovely little vintage Christmas treats so please go and take a look.
 I am a massive fan of their funky filled fabulous shop delightfully drenched in fantastic finds ( try saying that after some snowballs)  that I had to add these three must haves to my Christmas list.

I have jumper joy at the moment and its all I'm searching for or pondering over so these two beauties tickled my  fashion taste buds nicely along with the very gorgeous jumpsuit ready for a festive party.

I hope everyone is enjoying getting into the Christmas spirit.......Not long now so get thrifty!!!!!!

Love Lucy 

Monday, 29 September 2014


I couldn't believe my luck when I picked up this bargain vintage wrap round number. £2 and it was all mine. 
I recently visited my second Secret Vintage Fair and was lucky enough to stumble across a bundle of reduced items. This darling dress was one of them. 
The shape reminds me of a 1950s number whereas the shoulders are very 90s chic.
Perfect outfit for my friend Vics birthday dinner and drinks cannot wait to wear it again I hear Christmas party bells ringing. 

Would love to hear of any vintage bargains people have picked up recently? 

Love Lucy 

Thursday, 7 August 2014


Daisy Dreaming

I love fields full of flowers and my Mum found this dream one filled with Daisies which happen to be her favourite flower.
So what a better idea then an impromptu photo shoot in the field to cheer up my very dear friend Jodie. She loves the camera and the camera loves her.

We had lots of fun and giggles and I'm very happy with the outcome for Jodie that day and for my photography album.

I hope these images put a smile on your faces 

Love Lucy 

Sunday, 22 June 2014


Tartan Blazer: Charity Shop 
Leopard Print Trapeze Dress: missguided
Panel Leggings: Primark 
Red Jelly Sandals: Birthday Present - New Look  - 
Bag: Tesco 

My favourite outfit from the month of April.
I'm so in love with my Jelly Sandals I was lucky enough to get three pairs for my birthday. I find these red ones go great with anything and bring out the red in my Blazer. I only really get to experiment with my wardrobe at the weekends as I have a uniform during the week (which is a good thing as I get covered in all sorts being a nursery nurse.)
So Saturday's & Sunday's for me a fancy fun days where I dive into my wardrobe's and try to make use of my hoards of second hand and new purchases. Don't you love it when you can team a second hand beauty with a new season item and then re wear them differently over the year. I'm a sucker for keeping things and pulling them out in whatever seasons, I'm not one of these girls who has a wardrobe for each season I dress for my mood and days events.

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend, I went car booting today but didn't make much money, however it was a lovely sunny day and I made a few sneaky purchases sssssh!!

Don't forget you can see my #ootd's over on my Instagram. Come say Hi I love new followers with the same passion as me.

Love Lucy 

Wednesday, 11 June 2014


Top: New Look
Skirt: New Look
Shoes: Irregular Choice 

On April 22nd I turned 28 and had lots of lovely celebrations. 
With my group of girlfriends I hosted a Mad Hatters Tea Party and this was my outfit of choice. 
I adore my Irregular Choice shoes and like to save them for special occasions so I planned my outfit around the shoes.
 I kept it dainty and delicate with a tea party edge.

I also showcased my hair to my friends for the first time as they didn't know I'd had the big chop! They all loved it which helped as trying to style it for the first time when I was getting ready was a drama. 

I decorated the table with flower filled tea pots, sweets, treats and jars for drinking. We had a lovely time chatting, eating and sipping through our candy striped straws. 

When the evening arrived we all got changed into our party outfits had some wine, listened to my birthday playlist and stepped into the Mad Hatters photo booth I had created with my Alice in Wonderland obsessed mind and for party fun off course 

 I love hosting events and gatherings and at 28 I'm very much ready to have a home of my own where I can forever be hosting and planning events, especially of the tea party variety.

One day.

Love Lucy